Subsidised Places for Students

We are pleased to provide our support to students through offering subsidised places to students who would like to attend the following selected courses organised by Timberlake Consultants. Students are able to apply for a 50% discount off the listed course fees for students where published on our website. Through this initiative, we aim to assist the learning and development of students who seek to strengthen their current research and future careers with the knowledge of statistical and econometric analysis.

Subsidised places are available on our following courses:

Stata Summer School, London, UK

Course Title Course Start Date Deadline for applications
An Introduction to Stata
An Introduction to Stata Graphics
Advanced Data Management in Stata
An Introduction to Stata for Medical Statistics
Introduction to Meta-Analysis
Introduction to time series and analysis
3 July
4 July
5 July
6-7 July
8 July
8 July
8 May
8 May
8 May
8 May
8 May
8 May

Econometrics Summer School, Cambridge, UK

EViews Summer School, London, UK

Course Title Course Start Date Deadline for applications
Time Series Analysis and Modelling
Macroeconomic Modelling and Forecasting
15-17 July
17-19 July
20-22 July
22 May
22 May
22 May
Course Title Course Start Date Deadline for applications
EViews Basics
Atheoretical Models in EViews
Non-Stationary Time Series Analysis in EViews
Topics in EViews I: Volatility Models and Panel Data
Topics in EViews II
19 June
20 June
21 June
22 June
22 June
23 April
23 April
23 April
23 April
23 April

EViews Forecasting Summer School, London

Course Title Course Start Date Deadline for applications
Introduction to EViews
Univariate forecasting
Multivariate forecasting
Forecasting non-stationary series
State Space Modelling in EViews
24 July
25 July
26 July
27 July
28 July
28 May
28 May
28 May
28 May
28 May

Stata Autumn School

Course Title Course Start Date Deadline for Applications
Dealing with Missing Data
Analysis of Survey Data
Survival Analysis
Analysis of Hierarchical Data
Structural Equation Modelling
Meta Analysis
25 September
26 September
27 September
28 September
29 September
30 September
30 July
30 July
30 July
30 July
30 July
30 July

Who is eligible to apply for the subsidised price?

Masters and PhD students from academic institutions around the world are eligible.

How can you obtain a subsidised price?

In order to take part and apply for the 50% discount off standard course charges. Students will need to answer the following questions:

  • Please provide a summary of your thesis/research interests.
  • How does attending this course benefit you
  • What are your future career goals
  • Please list and describe any contributions (academic or social) you have made to the university you are attending or to the field of your research in 2015/16.


Guidelines for Applications

Your submission needs to be written in English and sent to us in a readable format (ideally Microsoft Word, PDF or .txt file) and should be no longer than 2 x A4 pages. The document file name should identify your name and the course that you are applying for. For example, ‘YourFirstNameYourLastName-PanelDataAnalysis.doc’

The document should then be sent to us by email to:

In the email, you must include full contact information (email address, postal address and contact telephone number) and attach a copy of your student card which displays an expiry date. If your card does not have an expiry date then an official letter from your University confirming your student status and also stating the date of completion of your course will be required. In the subject line of your email, you must write the following “Application for Subsidised Place”.

Your application must reach us before the deadlines for applications noted above. Following submission of your application, you will receive an email from us acknowledging your submission and its validity as well as further details and the outcome of your application.

Terms & Conditions

  • Students can only apply for the subsidised place for one course at a time.
  • Submission of entries after the deadline for applications date will not be considered.
  • Timberlake Consultants reserve the right to not provide explanations to delegates who are unsuccessful in their application.

Please email all questions to us at

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